Baby #3

Best News I’ve Gotten…

Since Hubby said we could start trying for #3.

There are all kinds of things that pregnant women are told to avoid, and most of those dietary things extend to those women trying for a baby. My biggest concern lately has been that I would have to dramatically reduce my soda intake.

My drug of choice.

For some people, giving up vices is annoying but not truly problematic. For me though, soda is much more than a choice of beverage. It is my candy, my snack between meals. It’s my anti-anxiety meds and my “safe” addiction. I truly believe that I am addicted. I obsess when I don’t have a soda in the house and wonder when I’ll be able to get one. It is such an ever-present thought that it distracts me from tasks at hand.

Realizing how easily I was addicted to such a simple pleasure kept me from more dangerous offers. I know I have an addictive personality, so I have never tried anything illegal. (I’ve also never smoked a cigarette, but that may have more to do with ferocious asthma and a lineage chocked-full of heart and lung disease than fear of addiction.)

Anyway, the idea of limiting my soda intake during the most emotional and stressful time of my life (a future, hopefully near-future, pregnancy) started to make me genuinely concerned.

So I started with the research.

My husband thinks I’m losing it, but more info always helps me feel better. I have more courage when I have facts. Plus, not knowing even simple things (like caffeine in a 12 oz cherry pepsi) makes me spin the idea around in my head until it has grown considerably in size and sprouted horns.

So research actually eases my obsession and gives me facts I can manage and compartmentalize.


This is what I found: Pregnant women are not supposed to consume more than 200 mg of caffeine per day or the risk of miscarriage increases by 20%. This amounts to about 2 cups of coffee.

Again, maybe this isn’t a problem for most, but 2 sodas a day is a near nightmare for me. But here’s the good news

Pepsi Wild Cherry, regular or diet 12 oz. 38 (20 oz. = 63) mg

That’s 38 mg of caffeine per 12 oz!!!!!

Party over here!

That works out to 5.26 sodas per day within the safe limit. I can work with 5 sodas per day! Click here to see how much caffeine your favorite drink contains. In the meantime, celebrate with me.

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