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Nursing Top: The Double-Layered Tank

Nursing tops are expensive.

Too expensive.

It’s definitely difficult for a thrift-savvy mama like me to spend $30-$40 on ONE shirt. Especially a shirt that won’t be worn forever.

Then I realize that 1.) in order to be successful with breastfeeding, I need the right attire, and 2.) I will hopefully be needing these tops for a year! Not to mention subsequent babies–if we’re lucky enough to have more.

But I still can’t justify the cost. So, I took to the internet and found some ideas for nursing tops I could DIY. Here’s the first outcome of my experiment.

First, the inspiration:

tank inspiration tnak inspiration 2

Such a simple idea that actually preserves my modesty!

Ok, so here’s how I made mine.

1. I hit up my Goodwill and bought two identical tanks, in the same size, for $3 each.
striped 1

2. I measured where I wanted the top tank to hit (about 2 inches below my bust), and chopped off one tank.
Striped 2

3. Next, I put the uncut tank on over a nursing bra. I then unlatched the bra and marked the length of the opening.

striped 35. Then I cut a simple, straight line.

striped 4 striped 5

6. I still have to hem the tank I cut, so it doesn’t roll, but I can still show you the finished product.
striped together

Striped right striped left

Pretty great, right?

Price difference?
For the name brand–$39.00
For mine–$6.00

My sister and I spent a whole day trying out new ideas, so there are more to come! Stay tuned.

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