Baby #3 / DIY, Money Savers

Nursing Dress

My first attempt at making my own nursing top was so easy and successful, that I felt completely empowered to try another project: the nursing dress.

Again, one of my biggest concerns when it comes to nursing is modesty. If I’m being honest, though, another concern is having to totally change my wardrobe to accommodate breastfeeding. Every post I read pretty much said dresses were out. I simply cannot accept that.

Here’s what I came up with.

1. I started with the maxi dress featured in this post. I got it at Goodwill (shocking), factory tags still on for only $5.99

2. I cut it up.
-This was the hardest part for me. I knew that if I couldn’t make my idea work, I would have ruined a dress I’d had my eye on for months. Still, I had to risk it or relinquish it to the back-of-closet-Neverland to wait for Baby Girl to wean. Seemed worth the risk.


Fortunately, the dress designer was kind and it was simple to separate this dress right at the drawstring without damaging or exposing the drawstring!

3. I took a comfy, but rarely worn, tank and cut the “nursing slits” in it.

4. Then, I attached the skirt to the tank!


Now, I have to admit that I had a bonus luxury here of being stupidly short, so I was able to raise the hem-line to empire level without making the skirt too short. If you’re making this dress and are not an almost-midget, you might want to seek a longer/bigger style to accommodate the change.

Regardless, I LOVE the results.

(I have to admit, that I’ve enlisted help for the finished project because I am still sewing-deficient. My mother will be running over my hand-stitching with a machine before I wear this out and about.)

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Thanks for tuning in.

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