Julie Robert is a homeschooling, stay-at-home mom with two kiddos, ages 7 and 2. Another little one will be joining the family in June of 2013! The Robert family story doesn’t look like most other stay-at-home/homeschool family stories. Julie and her husband have just come through their first year of marriage; they only recently moved from her mother’s basement and are starting to get their feet under them. Julie loves being a housewife. Even though it was not her “dream” as a teenager (she once had aspirations of being a famous actress), it is the only life she can imagine ever wanting now. Her days are filled with tasks and chores which may seem mundane to some but keep her challenged emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally. She hopes that one day the family life can get even a little more simplified with a move out of the suburbs to a place with land.

“J” mentioned in posts is a rambunctious, funny 7-year-old boy who strives to please those around him. He is the best brother anyone could have hoped for, and is generally the highlight of his little brother’s day. J enjoys riding his bike, and playing with the kids down the street. He also likes playing with Power Rangers, watching television, and playing video games with his dad. (He’d like to play with his mom, but she is video-game deficient.) J is also called Stick Boy because he is tall and remarkably thin for his age.

“Cub” is a charismatic two-year-old boy who recently discovered the art of fit throwing. His nickname is Bear Cub or Cub for short because he’s cuddly and round…plus, he growls. His current explorations include letter hunting, acting like a zombie, and fighting ghosts with swords. Unlike J when he was a baby, Cub actually enjoys spending time alone. It has been a big month for Cub. He has just mastered potty training, moved to a toddler bed, and started sharing a room with J. Julie hopes this will prevent jealousy over the nursery when their baby sister arrives.

Mr. Robert is the glue which holds the family together. He works hard to provide for his wife and children. He is a constant source of inspiration and calm when resolving all the million little life issues that arise every day. Due to work, he isn’t home for the busiest portions of the day, so he might not be mentioned much, but his presence is vital to the Robert family dynamic. Mrs. Robert says, “Without him, my dreams would not be possible. With him, I feel like nothing is impossible.”

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