Preschool at Home

Preschool and Tossing Out the Schedule

I’ve discussed, at length, my Type A personality. I like schedules. I like plans. I LOVE it when things are predictable and orderly. Thing is: preschoolers do not care about personality types and Mommy’s personal preferences. What’s more? Being super structured isn’t necessarily good for the average two year old. Their job right now is really to learn through exploration, and to learn to exercise their creative mind by playing freely. A child who has the capacity to turn a single stick into a sword, a broom, a magic wand and a helicopter-flying-stick-control thing shows just as much intellectual promise as the one who can recite their ABCs.


I have to say, that’s a huge relief.

Instead of trying to maintain some crazy schedule with Cub alongside the homeschool schedule, and my personal chore schedule, and the baby’s eating/needing me to look at her face and coo schedule, I can just relax and watch Cub play. And it’s good for him?! Score!

So, here’s our new non-scheduled “plan” for the average week.



On our copy for home, the column “Focus This Week” is blank because–me being me–I slipped this page into a sheet protector before hanging on the wall. That way, I can just mark out what we’ve accomplished.

There are things we end up doing every day: like letters, pretend play and story time. The other things, I have to work on adding in. It’s a process,  but we’re getting there.

I know my Cub is learning. He talks better than most children his age and has an impressive artillery of imaginary games he loves to play. He can entertain himself and is often quite content to play alone. (Of course as soon as J has a question, the baby is screaming and dinner has to be taken off the stove, he suddenly NEEDS me to play, but I’m speaking more to his general demeanor).

My two boys are so very alike in some ways, but so vastly different in others. I can only begin to imagine what it will be like parenting this very Type B child as he gets older. Hopefully, J and I won’t make him too crazy with all our task lists and schedules.

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