Homeschool Adventure

Exceptionally Awesome First Week

I have to say that I’m pleasantly surprised about how our first week of homeschooling has gone! I was expecting to feel stressed, overwhelmed, tearful even at times,


but Stick Boy has really pulled his weight. He’s eager to get started each day, and even does his “before school” chores without complaint. (I think this small miracle is due to the fact that Cub follows him around mimicking his every move. It’s good for a big brother’s ego.)

Regardless, it’s working. Two days this weeks, Stick decided (on his own) to work ahead in some of his books. The result: today, we had some family obligations arise at the same time as our car needed repair. This all collided on my husband’s day off (an already stress-inducing point of homeschooling that I’ve discussed at length). However, instead of being a stressful, argument-filled morning, Stick and I got to work at normal time and finished in just a few hours! Hubby actually helped today by keeping Cub entertained. He also conducted our very first Art Class!

By working ahead, Stick made room in the schedule for a short day. Tomorrow, we’ll have to hit all of the subjects again, but at this rate, I can relax a little. I know that one day a week (or more if we really need it) can be maneuvered to accommodate real life.

In short…Yay!

Awesome academic accomplishments for Week 1 of school:
-Learned to count to 10 in French (can now recite by memory)
-Learned that God made all the spiders and other crawling creatures on the 6th day. Also working to memorize Genesis 1:25
-Improved handwriting simply by learning to take our time.
-Found out all kinds of things about spiders including the biggest species (Goliath bird-eating tarantula), habitat, locations in the world, multiple uses for webs, diet and much, much more.
-Worked lots on sight words using Sight Word Baseball and Sight Word Bingo.

I can’t wait to get started on Week 2! I might let him work even more ahead when he’s inspired and confident. As long as I can be sure he’s retaining the info.

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