Homeschool Adventure

Things We Did on the First Day of School

first day of school 002

Dressed the baby up in a pretty outfit and took pictures.

first day of school 001

first day of school 004

Witnessed the awesome-ness of Cub’s self-made “Ninja Turtle” costume.

first day of school 003

first day of school 005

And bonded with Baby Sister. (She spent most of the day staring at J wherever he went).

Cub spent almost a solid hour working on letters by his own choice and I introduced numbers 1-5.

We also discovered that Josiah can…

Type pretty well

Type pretty well

  • But proofreading is a bit tricky.
  • Focus goes downhill as the day goes on–even with breaks.
  • And Dad is a distraction. Unfortunately, my husband is now working second shift. So, I’m struggling to decide whether we should delay most of school until Dad leaves for work and risk fighting the decline in focus or continue to fight against the constant draw of Dad’s time. Seems like a lose-lose proposition.

Regardless, it was a fairly stress-free re-boot to school. Plus, I remembered all the reasons I love homeschooling.

1. I realize that if Josiah was in public school, he would not see my husband at all during the week.

2. Seeing the sibling relationships grow between the kids strengthened by their time together.

3. Watching the leaps both of my boys are making in their understanding of the world every day.

I’m exhausted, and busy cleaning up the house since I got NOTHING done while the kiddos were up. But it was all worth it, and I’m looking forward to doing it all again tomorrow!

first day of school 2013

2nd Grader!

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