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Teaching Typing Without Having to Teach Typing.

Sometimes the world of homeschooling can be daunting. I look at some subjects and think–“There is no way I can teach that.” Either the subject is something I struggle with personally, ala Geometry, or it is something that simply requires hands-on, practical experience. That’s where I’m at with typing.

I remember learning to type. It’s something that only improves with practice. So, I set out to find FREE resources online to teach typing this year. There are thousands of sites out there, and many colorful, fancy , fun-looking sites…but those usually come with a fee. I wasn’t looking for fancy. Just logical. And free. Here’s what we’re using for typing lessons this year:

typing main page

The one major down-side of this site is all the clutter. There is a LOT going on on this site. But the clutter makes it free. Plus, the zoom function works great to minimize those distractions.

screen 2 yping

A major PRO for is that the lessons are in a SUPER LOGICAL order. For instance, lesson 1 is just teaching the f and j keys. Love it.

typing lesson 1

To “grade,” I simply plan on capturing a PrintScreen of the results and recording the basic information.


It’s not a graded class for us, just participation points, but in this world, adequate typing skills can be as important as reading and writing skills.

The good things in life: Super simple. Super easy. Super free.

Hopefully I can find something like this to teach Geometry when we get there.

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