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Homeschool and Preschool Lessons: All Kinds of Art

One of the many things I feel bad about as a mom is that…I hate art projects. I always feel obligated to keep them, but the truth is that they are messy and oddly sized and rarely sentimental. Well, I’ve found a few projects that are worth keeping! These projects show off the size of the kiddos right  now. As we all know, they don’t stay little forever and hand prints, footprints and even fingerprints are a great way to create some art and a keepsake at the same time.

1. The Hand & Footprint Tree

Trace the foot for the truck and spread out hands for leaves. Ideally the kids will color in the branches and leaves…but my kids like to rebel.

ed hand tree 2 ed hand tree 1

2. Hand print Octopus

A simple outline of the fingers is enough, but the boys went wild (in a good way) when we broke out the glue, glitter and stickers!

ed hand oct 2 ed hand oct 1

3. The Blue Bonnet

We haven’t done this one yet, but it’s on our list for sure! The petals are tiny fingerprints. Adorable!

blue bonnet

Ok, not ALL art projects can be sentimental, but they can be fun! Here are some more, random projects for you to try out just for kicks.

Asterisk and Finger Paint

Form a “star” with masking tape and let the littles loose with finger paint. Then, remove the tape while the paint is still wet and VOILA!

finger paint 1

Dollar Store Awesome-ness AKA Bubble Wrap and Paint

bubble wrap

Last, but not least, something creative to do with all those nature collections kids tend to drag indoors.

stick togetherThis could also be done with rocks, acorns…really anything they bring in and insist on keeping.

Please post links to any projects you’ve tried or want to try in the comments! We have a whole school year worth of Art time to fill!

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