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The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Lesson Plans

I love C.S. Lewis. I don’t think anything ever needs to be added to make his work more impactful. However, I know that J needs something to show for all of this studying we’re doing, so we’re putting together a few projects to go along with reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (LWW).

The Lapbook

There are a few sites out there with complete lapbook kits which include picture printouts and guides for how to put them together. I find that each book and each child is different, and I prefer to let his interests guide what we put in the book. Of course, I also toss in a few things I think are important (like information on the author).

Here’s how our lapbook looks so far.

wardrobe DSC08557LAPBOOK 2DSC08556 

The cover is J’s artistic rendering of a wardrobe. Inside, we have author information and a Turkish Delight recipe. We’ll continue adding bits and pieces as they come up and fill in any blanks when the book is finished. I can definitely see our lapbook having lots of info on fauns, nymphs and dryads since J is fascinated by that part of the story.

Materials: One manilla file folder, One pack of stationary for information cards and envelopes (Target dollar bin find), recipe printed from online (more info on that below), glue and crayons.


There are so many ways that puppets can be made. I chose to make the LWW puppets with toilet paper rolls because they are better for staging scenes and recreating important moments from a chapter. Here is our cast so far.


(Left to right) Tumnus, Aslan, Lucy, The White Witch, Edmund, Peter and Susan

These are simple printouts from an internet search which I scaled down to the approximate sizes for the rolls. J then colored and glued them.

Materials: toilet paper rolls, 2 pages printed coloring sheets (LWW finger puppets 1, LWW finger puppets 2), crayons, glue.

Turkish Delights

J has recently become obsessed with cooking (which this mama loves), so finding an actual recipe for this mystery treat was a special surprise for both of us. Click here for a link to the recipe we used. There are many versions online, and some are even decorated in the Narnia theme. We just wanted something that could be printed and added to the lapbook envelope. *Note, you really need a candy thermometer to do this right. We don’t have one, so we were winging it.

DSC08546 DSC08547 DSC08549

The process is tricky, and not one I would repeat, but even if it is a complete failure, we had fun.

Lapbooks are a great way to help kids connect what they are learning with what you hope they retain. I hope this has given you some ideas, and I would love to see some of your lapbooks! Leave links in the comments.

2 thoughts on “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Lesson Plans

  1. I’m excited to try lapbooks. My son doesn’t read or write yet and has zero interest in doing either, and since he’s just five I don’t push it, but I’m pinning this for later! Adding the recipe was brilliant btw!

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