Boy Scouts, Den Meetings and Forced Socialization

Last month, we started Boy Scouts. Originally, the plan was for Hubby to really head up this mission, but his second job has completely taken over his free time, so it has all fallen to me. I even signed up as a den leader! Trust me it’s great, but I really wasn’t looking forward to this. I was looking forward to Monday nights at home alone (with the Cub sleeping in the next room) and a good book. Oh well, we adjust, right?

Anyway, Boy Scouts has made me realize something very funny. The “socialization problem” that everyone worries about with homeschooled kids,

Come to find out, that is something I struggle with for me!

Anyone who knows my dad knows that there might be a genetic component to my occasional anti-social nature. I like being in my home. I like being in an environment where I have some semblance of control or at least access to the creature comforts my family likes to employ in a crisis. It’s one of the things that makes me so well-suited to the housewife, one-car family role. I rarely get stir crazy. Even rarer are the times when I want to do something that could be considered socializing.

So, Boy Scouts has been an interesting turn.

J does great with the socialization. He loves being around a bunch of boys, especially since my youngest brother is in the same pack (he’s one year ahead). He jumps right in to games, plays easily and makes new friends every week.

I usually have to force myself to get up the gumption to go, but then something beautiful happens. I actually enjoy myself. I have fun. The men and women of the pack not only treat me as an equal (something new to a former single, teen mom) but also give me the reign as a den leader without question. I would dare say they are even a little excited that someone stepped up.

So despite my reticence to go and the demands on my time and energy, I am really enjoying myself. Plus, I get to see my Dad, Stepmom and young siblings more frequently than I have in years. And I really like them, so that’s great! It has been a really rewarding time…and I still catch myself groaning when I face Monday evenings. Curse this homebody personality.

3 thoughts on “Boy Scouts, Den Meetings and Forced Socialization

  1. Sounds like a great opportunity for your boys and you! I love being at home, comfy & cozy, and adore the same lifestyle as you describe (one-car, hs’ing, housewife), but there are times I do things just for the kids that I end up benefitting from as well! 🙂 Will you go on a camping trip? I am so high maintenance, Idk if I could do it! Lol

  2. I am pretty high maintenance too, but I actually LOVE camping. I enjoy unplugging and getting free from distractions and into nature…as long as it isn’t too hot. 🙂 Unfortunately, I don’t have too much experience camping as an adult, so we’ll have to miss the first trip. I honestly don’t know how to set up a tent or build a fire by myself and my husband can’t get off.

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