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Nope, I’m Not Dead

My computer crashed! I’m so sorry I’ve been absent for a while. As I write, I’m borrowing a computer, so I don’t know when I’ll be able to write again. Things have been crazy around here, but here are some highlights.

My husband started a second job. He’s been exhausted and it’s a tough adjustment for the kids, but I’m so proud of him for filling the income gap without complaint. I really am incredibly lucky. Despite my offers to help by taking on an evening job, he views providing for us as his  job, just like the house and finances are mine. I’m very glad that’s something we agreed to and discussed at length before our marriage.

I feel guilty sometimes, but as he pointed out, I put in long days around here too. Plus, if we do end up pregnant any time soon, me working would be void. I throw up like Linda Blair for weeks 6-12.

Anyway, school is going ok. J is going through a tough listening streak right now that is infuriating, but we’re working it out.

Last week, I watched over my Grandpa’s shoe repair shop and had a few great moments as a mom and a homeschooling parent.

My grandpa’s shop sits right across the road from a local school. As we sat outside and the boys chased each other around, I wondered what those children were busy doing. Sure we did worksheets and orally reviewed French, but it didn’t feel like the institution of school. It felt like home. Like quality time. I don’t know that there is anything more satisfying than that.

Then the boys did what they always do: they surprised me in the best possible way by collecting flowers for me and laying them at my side. It was touching and beautiful in its simplicity. It also gave me a great opportunity to show J about wildflowers and their beauty and delicacy.

So, just to brag, while the huddled masses were playing in a a pre-ordained fashion under structured rules with limited equipment before returning to their desks and concrete walls, my boys were inventing games with things like stick, flowers, leather scraps and just each other. They were zombies, bank robbers, cops, and ninjas. And they gathered these for me.

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