And That’s One for Mommy!

My children simply adore my husband. Sure we play and bond all day, but as soon as Daddy walks through the door, I cease to exists. Honestly, it’s kind of nice sometimes. I finally get to do things like read and bathe, but it has also inspired a friendly competition. Cub freely gives kisses to his dad, I have to tackle him & steal them. J plays hours of video games with his dad, I have to beg him to sit still while I read to him.

Basically, Daddy usually wins.

The video game thing is tricky for me. On the one hand, I’m super grateful for the fact that J and Hubby have something that bonds them…but on the other hand (insert whiny voice) I hate video games. They annoy me. Which may or may not be entirely my brother Kevin’s fault. He plays them incessantly still. J does like to read but I’ve lost him to the video game world.

Anyway…Daddy usually wins, right? Well, maybe not always.

Look what Cub did while I was cleaning summer clothes out of the closet.

Note the empty book shelf to the right of the picture. It’s one of the few he can reach.

I managed to snap a few pics before he realized I was watching him.

But when he did see me, this is what he had to say for himself.

As you can see, not much sorrow for the mess he made. Of course, I would never want him to be sorry for this kind of mess.

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