Home Management Guide

Building an HMG: Day Two

If this is your first time here at Being Happy Building Family, Check out yesterday’s post “Building a Home Management Guide: Day One” for the starting place on this series.

Ok, so you have your Daily Tasks worked out. The next step is to list out those things that you want to accomplish weekly, and assign them days of the week.

My list includes:
– A Whole House Once-over (straightening and gathering laundry)
– Washing bed linens
-Cleaning Kitchen in detail
-Compiling a grocery list
– Pressing my husband’s uniform
-Cleaning the Dining Room in detail
– The Boys’ bathroom
-Helping the boys clean their room (in greater detail than the daily clean ups)
-Taking Trash to the curb
-Run errands
-Grocery Shop
-Clean the Living Room in detail
-File away papers that have collected on my desk
-Clean the Master bedroom in detail
-Clean the Master bathroom in detail

I try not to put the labor intensive things all on the same days, so I clean the boys’ bath on Wednesdays, clean the kitchen (which involves mopping and sweeping, some of my least favorite chores) on Tuesday, and the Master bath on Friday. This way the scrubbing isn’t all scheduled for one day. If you work through the week, though, you may need to schedule all your scrubbing for Saturday so it’s out of the way.

My Weekly Schedule is the little section at the top. More on the monthly stuff tomorrow!

We also have a policy of taking the weekends off in our home. This is the reason I do a whole-house once over on Mondays. It helps me get the house back on track after two days of slacking off. This may not work for you. You might hate to do anything on Mondays or perhaps Wednesdays are packed full of activities that don’t leave time for chores.

My husband and I have also chosen to only have one vehicle for the family, so my grocery shopping/errand day is a floating day. It’s written on the calendar for the Thursday, but my husband’s day off isn’t the same every week, so whichever day he is off, I use the car for a few hours and simply move the chores scheduled for that day to the Thursday slot. It can make things a little hectic, but it’s worth it to us to not have the extra expense of a second vehicle right now.

Again I would direct you to http://wantingwhatyouhave.com/2008/02/weekly-work-schedule.html for more ideas on how to compile this list.

Tomorrow we will tackle the monthly and quarterly goals and you will have completed one full section of your HMG!

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