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DIY Laundry Soap

I’m a big fan of clean, light smells. Having asthma means some fabric softeners and laundry detergents are too stong and cause me difficulty breathing, so I have always used unscented or the mildest fragrances, but the cost of laundry soap is staggering and unavoidable. Cheap laundry detergent is available but the smell or cleaning power never matched what I was looking for. Then I found a “recipe” on Pinterest for DIY laundry soap! I looked up the washing soda online and went with the most basic recipe possible for our home.

1 bar Fels Naptha, grated. 1 cup Borax. 1 cup washing soda. Mix & use! 1 tbsp per load.

This is my personal container. I wrote the ingredients right on the canister so I don’t have to look it up whenever I make a batch.

This recipe makes enough laundry soap to do 40 loads! It smells amazing, clean, kind of lemony, and leaves clothes super clean. For those who really like scent, you can also grate 1/2 a bar of your favorite scented soap or just use a powerful fabric softener.

It’s very easy to make (grate the Fels Naptha and then mix), but the grating can get tiresome. Especially if you’re like me and don’t have a super facy grater.

1 Tablespoon per load works amazing and has never bleached out any clothes-even when I don’t let it dissolve completely in the water before tossing them in! I keep a tablespoon in the jar just for using with the laundry soap and I couldn’t be happier. The best part is the PRICE!

The math is tricky (for me) so here’s the breakdown. Each bar of Fels Naptha runs about $1.27  and you use one bar per load. Each box of Borax is about $3.35 there are 11 loads per box, so that is .304 cents per load. Then each box of washing soda runs $4.45 at my local store. It has 8 loads per box, so that’s .556 cents.
1.27+.30+.56= $2.13 for 40 loads! 32 loads of All (a low-price name brand) is $4.27.

That’s .05 cents per load for the DIY, and .13 cents per load for the name-brand! Yay! Almost 1/3 the cost.

Enjoy! More DIY $ savers coming soon.

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