Home Management Guide

Building a Home Management Guide: Day One

My very own HMG!

What Is a Home Management Guide?

Basically a Home Management Guide (HMG) is a completely customizable way for families to organize EVERYTHING. From daily chores to seasonal tasks to detailed groceries lists: You can keep it all in one place.

I first heard of HMGs on Pinterest, and immediately jumped at the idea. I am a person that has a million things I want to accomplish every day but without some guidance, I always forget something. Usually something important. I would routinely plan to cook elaborate meals for the family and forget to defrost the ingredients or plan enough time. I would forget to make a pitcher of tea (which my husband and I go through every day), so we’d have to wait and then drink warm sweet tea. Small things that don’t really matter but it would upset me that I just couldn’t keep track of it all. The HMG was my solution.

What’s In an HMG?
Everyone’s HMG is different and organized differently. I only have 5 sections in mine: Housework, Food, Finance, Family, and DIY Recipes. It’s changing and expanding all of the time. I learned early on that I don’t want my religious studies included in the HMG binder because I prefer to curl up in my reading chair with a Bible and a notebook than sit with loose leaf paper at the dining room table.

Your HMG should fit you.

How Do I Decide?
Start one section at a time. I followed the directions on the great blog Wanting What You Have. Here’s a direct link to her starting place http://wantingwhatyouhave.com/2008/12/freebie-alert.html.  Here she will walk you through the process of deciding your daily task list. If you don’t use her format or find a similar one on a site like Pinterest, you can still get started today.

Make a list of every thing you want to accomplish around the house each day. Simply start with when you wake up and walk through the day, or perhaps go room by room and write what you’d like to get done. You’ll be surprised how little time it actually takes when you have a simple list to work from!

 This is my, personal list.

As you can see, I left open spaces where I can write in the chores I wish to accomplish on each week day as well as what monthly chores have come due (more on that later). My Task List is also directly opposite our daily schedule. This helps me keep my goals realistic. I really don’t like to spend the day doing housework when my husband is home, and when we have busy days, it’s not always possible to do it all, so this helps me prioritize.

By keeping the lists in sheet protectors, I’m able to use dry erase marker to check off a task and just start fresh the next day.

I have to say that there are days that the ONLY reason I complete a task (usually wiping down the bathroom counters and folding that last load of laundry) is so I can mark it off this list. I am easily motivated by check lists!

Many of the examples you’ll see online will be beautiful and decorated, my book is not that way and yours doesn’t need to be either. Practical is better.

Let me know how it goes! Who’s starting an HMG? Who has one they want to share? Leave a comment if you have another site that gives similar step-by-step instructions like that from Wanting What You Have.

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