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Report Card? Check…Finally.

A few months ago, I told you all about the website I’d chosen to use for our gradebook/hour logging. I chose this because it was free and not terribly difficult to use.

pic hsst

Click on the picture to go straight to or see the original review here.

Severe procrastination and poor follow-through means I JUST got J’s grades in and produced an actual report card and reports!

Now, I know some homeschoolers aren’t record-keepers. I know that the bare-minimum reporting is a philosophy. However, with an ever-increasing spotlight on homeschoolers and my propensity for horrid, horrid luck, I decided safe was definitely better than sorry for us.

All this effort was a little frustrating to be honest. The program isn’t exactly intuitive, and you have to flip back and forth between a few screens. One to enter the activities and times, one to input the grades, etc. To top it off, it is almost impossible to add an activity if it is out of date sequence. The activities I’d missed, I had to add at the end with a special note.

That being said, I’m SUPER happy with the reports I got in exchange for the time and frustration.

pic report card

This is our official first grade report card. Notice at the bottom that you are able to control how grades are put in, using the scale you prefer or no scale at all. Activities can still be logged, and reports still printed for activities even if you chose not to grade at all. This helps meet all the state reporting standards and keep everything all neat, tidy, and professional looking.

At the top, there is a place to name your school, put in the address, phone number and teachers’ names. I was excited about this because if we ever have to put J back in school, this is an official report they can look at. It can also serve as a transcript for college applications.

In addition to an overall report card, I also printed a report for each course. Right at the top is the ever-important hour log! SOOO simple. It added it all up for us.

pic Course Report

That honestly isn’t the most exciting thing for me, though. I was able to combine these reports and a few samples of J’s work into a presentation folder and GET RID of the bulk of our 1st grade crap. The books are gone. The non-sentimental art works are gone. The pages and pages of miscellaneous work–GONE! Now all we have left is this beautiful, organized, complete little packet we can use for official purposes or just for reminiscing WITHOUT taking over our house.



So even though the website wasn’t perfect, and my own procrastination caused something of a headache, I will be using again this year!

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