I Love Fall

There is something about crisp air, bonfire smells lingering, and cardigans that alters my spirit. As a whole, as a human, I fell better. lighter, happier when it is fall in Missouri. I know so many people who complain about the weather in St. Louis, and there are definitely times when I feel tempted to move to Seattle (a city that holds my heart) but then I get to fall…and I remember.

Every morning I open up the windows and let the cold air flow in. My kids are getting used to running around in robes and I get to show off the BEST collection of cardigans I’ve ever owned.

More than just the weather, though, I  love the colors of fall. I love the leaves and the cold wind. I love the fall gatherings, I love Halloween. I love that I have my own home to decorate this year. I just love it.

Here’s a simple centerpiece I made in celebration of the season.

J & I had to gather some supplies for Boy Scouts. We needed to collect leaves for leaf rubbings and, because I am a den leader,  had to get enough in case some Tiger Scouts forgot. While on that walk, I gathered some things for our home too. Under the candles there are pine cones, various leaves, acorns, and more! I’m really quite proud of it simple because I like looking at it and it was basically free.

The box was left over from a gift, the candles were $1 a piece and they are sitting on a piece of glass I took out of an unused picture frame.

I also made a trip to the Dollar Tree and spent $9 to add some fall touches to the house. With just a few bunches of fall colored flowers and leaves, 2 candles (pumpkin spice and apple cinnamon) a bag of potpourri, a basket, a paper candelabra, and reusing a candle holder from Christmas, I was able to do these things:

I didn’t want to put away my regular flowers. They’re special to me because they were my wedding bouquet and my matron of honor’s bouquet, so instead I added some fall colors.

Just a few touches of red, orange, and brown go a long way!

I usually hate winter. Mostly because I don’t like being cold or wet and winter means I’m usually both at the same time, but maybe having my own place to decorate will change my mind about that season. Maybe one day I’ll even like winter…but nothing will ever compare to fall.

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