Homeschool Adventure

CSI Unit Study

After a week or two of learning all about CSI basics: fingerprinting, DNA, blood types, shoe prints and more, I stumbled upon the perfect, age-appropriate book to put J’s new knowledge into practice.

This book is 5 chapters (perfect for a week unit study) of a cute and quirky story following the rag-tag detective team of Pink, Homes and Hu. While looking for their missing friend Hack, who’s suspected of hacking into the school grade system, they use all sorts of kid-friendly detective techniques. The story is engaging, but most exciting is the completely packed list of relevant activities on every single page.

From codes to evidence collection and even booby-trapping a kid’s room safely, this book has practical ways to have any kid feeling like a real P.I.

We love it! Each day we read a chapter and J chooses 2 activities to complete. Enjoy some pics of J booby trapping his room by spreading a fine layer of fingerprint dust over his valuables!

Collecting the goods.

This dust allowed for some great prints to be left behind. We were then able to collect  and examine them. This was a great day for us.

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