Baby #3

More Baby Fever…

No, I’m not pregnant..but I can’t help hoping and obsessing.

These are the things running through my head:

Things I am TERRIFIED of (ranked according to level of fear):
1. Morning Sickness
2. Dislocating joints (in 2nd and 3rd trimester thanks to my stupid hypermobility).
3. Round ligament pain
4. Anxiety over miscarriage until “the safe zone”
5. Hormone-induced fighting with loving husband
6. Post-labor recovery

Things I am most EXCITED about:
1. First positive test
2. Feeling the baby kick
3. My husband’s reaction when we get a positive test AND when he gets to kiss all over my huge belly AND when he gets to be there for doctor appointments AND when I go into labor. (These are all new things for us.)
4. Feeling free to SHOW OFF my bump! This is something I always struggled with as a young, single mom. Not this time: BUMP CITY!
5. The announcement I have planned
6. The hope for a girl
7. Sorting through baby clothes
8. Buying new baby clothes
9. Putting the boys together in one room and converting Cub’s room to a nursery.

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