My Slight Neurosis

I am a complete clean freak. If our living room is even a little messy I have a hard time relaxing and enjoying a television show. My husband thinks I’m crazy.

It’s more important to him that I spend time with him and the boys than that the house is spotless. I’m super grateful for that because it takes a lot of pressure off me, but since the start of our school year, I’ve been letting the house slide.

Things are getting out of hand. Unfortunately, my laziness only grows when I take a few days…or weeks off.

So my goals for today: complete all of my chores for the day, exercise for at least 20 minutes, and get all of Stick’s school work done.
Yeah…wish me luck.

4 thoughts on “My Slight Neurosis

  1. Well I think you are doing great!
    In your house, that is always clean
    You have a warm loving home, that
    means so much to your boys
    and Hubby. Love ya Momma

    You do work hard to make sure

  2. Oh my word, you are so much like me!! I cannot concentrate if things aren’t tidy! I am forever picking up toys now that I have a baby again, and the older boy still doesn’t get it that I need him to put his stuff away PRONTO in order to keep me happy. haha My daughter (12 yrs old) does a pretty good job with this…except in her room…*roll eyes*

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