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Hi, My Name is Julie and I’m Addicted to Office Supplies

Have you ever watched Hoarders and seen those women who spend their family into debt buy buying thousands of clothing items they never get around to wearing?


Yeah, that’s me…but with office supplies. I have to physically stop myself from going to the office-supply sections of any store unless I know we have spending money because I LOVE office supplies and organizational tools. And there are few things better in life than a great pen and a blank notebook.

Anyway, back-to-school time is THE WORST when suffering from this particular affliction. I can “justify” nearly every single thing I see. Adorable new binder? Sure I need that for keeping track of grades. Twelve packages of pens and assorted pencils? Of course! We go through SO MANY. (We actually only used 3 pencils all through last school year). And if I’m getting dry-erase markers, then I want the 20 pack of assorted colors including the highlighter ones. Duh. I cannot even begin to describe how badly I want a laminating machine.

Add to that the mountains of colorful, enticing, alluring ads we get every day around here…

ad 2 ad 1…and I feel like a diabetic with a sweet tooth—I want it all RIGHT NOW even though it might kill me.

Being a homeschooling mom adds a whole new layer of complicated temptations. Teaching tools are EVERYWHERE. Dollar Tree is dangerous when it comes to sparkly trinkets that aren’t necessitates but are amazing and hard to pass up for “just” a dollar…unless you get 40 sparkly . A homeschooling group I am a member of on Facebook turned me on to this great site They have EVERYTHING including multimedia supplies, books, lapbooks and planners! I love planners! To top it all off, they were having a “Pay-what-you-want Weekend.” It is exactly as amazing as it sounds. I only looked through one pages of lapbooks before i got off the website. We have NO money for things like that right now.


It was almost painful to walk away from.

So there you have it. I’m an addict. I’m addicted to office supplies and books. Oh, yeah, books… We’ll get to that another time.

2 thoughts on “Hi, My Name is Julie and I’m Addicted to Office Supplies

  1. Haha, I just told my mom today that I apparently have a “book problem.” I looked at the boxes that mounted up in my classroom–yeah, I have 13 big boxes full of children’s books. THIRTEEN!!! Yikes!!! I suffer from these things you speak of, too!! 😉

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