Homeschool Adventure

Homeschool Curriculum and a Bit More Freedom

In my post from Tuesday, I talked about how structured J’s last school year was. I was new, and let’s face it, I like to organize, over plan and file things away. Overall, it actually worked pretty well for us. I was grateful to not have to think too hard about the school plan. Between morning sickness, preterm labor and a new baby, it was quite nice. I couldn’t shake the feeling that J’s first-grade year was lacking a bit. We read a lot of classics, but that was because I added them. We played store to gt comfortable with money, but again, that was my addition.

So this year, now that the baby is here and will be a couple of months old when school starts back up again, I feel more comfortable taking the reigns as far as curricula is concerned. I also feel more comfortable letting J have more say in things too.

That’s how I came to the new plan. It goes something like this: I am going to lay out what we have to accomplish for the entire year. Then I’m going to break it down into units. This will allow me to give Josiah a list of what has to be accomplished for the unit or for the week and let him choose what to work on.

Instead of having to do 1 page of math, 1 page of spelling, 1 page of grammar, etc. every day, he will be able to choose. If he wants to work on math for 3 days and complete the whole unit, that’s fine. If he wants to do all of his grammar first, to get it out of the way, that’s great. As long as it all gets done by the end of the unit, it doesn’t really matter to me.

There are a few things that will not change. Each day he has to read aloud to me, and I will read aloud to him from one of the classics. Each week we will probably have spelling words to work on that he will have to review at his own pace because I intend to quiz him on Fridays. But everything else is on his schedule.

I’m worried it will be too much freedom.

I’m worried he’s going to fail a few quizzes because he did spelling at the beginning of the week and forgot all about it.

I’m worried it will make math harder if he’s not doing it every day.

But, I’m also hopeful that it will make things easier for him. Maybe if he practices fractions for a full day, instead of just an hour each day, maybe it will stick better and it will actually improve understanding.

Maybe it will spark that thing inside him that makes him so excited to learn.

Maybe it won’t be just science that draws him in, but maybe history will make more sense too.

Only time will tell, but this is the new plan, and I like it.


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