Homeschool Adventure

Second Grade Curriculum, Check!

Last year was our first homeschooling year. I came in to the whole homeschool world all wide-eyed and terrified. I did what I knew, stuck to what I was comfortable with. I purchased a complete curriculum from Spectrum (see the post here). As with all curricula, Spectrum had high and low points, good and bad. There was no teacher’s guide in the traditional sense, no instructions on HOW to teach, which was the main drawback. However, it came with exactly what I needed–a schedule.

Each week was neatly outlined with exactly what pages needed to be completed. It saved me a lot of worry.

Spectrum also lacked fun activities and the amount of pure practice that J really needed to master certain skills. We ended up having to supplement the curriculum which added up.

This year, I did some research and decided to go a different route.

I went to Barnes and Noble and purchased the “Complete 2nd Grade Curruiculm” and “What Your Second Grader Needs to Know.”

what your...

The books cost a total of $35.

I brought the books home with a plan. I glanced through “What Your Second Grader Needs to Know,” and laid out the first unit for each subject we will be covering by combining the two books. The complete curriculum flows in a pretty logical order and the “Needs to Know” book is an excellent supplement. Things like poetry, common literature, music, history, geography and science are all included in the supplement book!

So, this all brings me to a new plan for our upcoming year. More on that plan coming Thursday!

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