Baby #3 / Life

Getting Back Into a Routine

Our baby girl is just over one month old now. Her first month home has been less traumatic than expected in some ways, but harder

than expected in others.

one month collage

Easier than expected:

  • The boys are doing great.
    After a brief week of meltdowns from the 2-yr-old, it’s been smooth sailing in Big Brother Land.
  • Little disruption to marriage.
    Unlike the first child–which obviously alters a relationship–or the second child which changesthe family dynamic as a whole, the third baby seems to be easy to just throw in the mix and keep rolling. Husband is used to being handed a kid to hold while I do the dishes. I am used to keeping track of 30 conversations while my hands are full, you know, just to make sure that no one is getting killed in a sword fight.
  • Balancing homeschool isn’t an issue.
    Yay summer baby!

Harder than expected:

    Honestly I’m not sure if this is a third-child thing or an almost-30 thing.
  • Getting back into a schedule.
    J and I thrive when there is a schedule and structure, and we simply have not gotten back to that.
  • Unexpected life crap.
    My husband took a (paid) week off work after Pixie was born, but was laid off when she was just 3 weeks old. He’s going on 2 weeks out of work now. It’s terrifying, but aside from that, it’s created an odd dynamic here. He’s home but job searching or going on interviews throughout the day so I really can’t rely on his help. It has been just enough of a disruption to toss the schedule out the window.

Fortunately, I have been able to get on top of laundry and get some of the housework done, but I’m not pushing myself. Instead of conquering 2 rooms a day I usually choose one and set a time-limit for the work I do.

Next week, I go for my last doctor appointment. Hopefully, Husband will be back at work by then and we’ll get back to what we do best around here–learning and playing and loving being together. Hopefully.

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