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Society’s Screwed Up View of Women. This is Getting Ridiculous.

With the media busy applauding itself for changing their criticism of women’s physiques, it’s easy to overlook the fact that it’s a load of crap. We haven’t advanced. There have been no breakthroughs. Publicly berating a pig…I mean CEO repeatedly in a week really only gives his company free press and heightens the already-annoying superiority complex of his target audience.

Then, normal-sized women (Jessica Simpson-pregnant or not, Christina Aguilera, Miranda Lambert, Kim Kardashian, and Hannah Simone of New Girl to name a few) being dubbed “curvy,” “voluptuous,” or “full-figured” does nothing but prove how ludicrous this whole idea is.

Heroine chic is still in–much to the detriment of our self-esteems and our daughters’ future well being.

Don’t believe me?


That’s right, ladies. Exposed ribs and knobby knees are “svelte” but those of us who fall in the NORMAL BMI range are “curvy” and “brave” for daring to don a two-piece.

I’m considered a thin person by most everyone, but my body would fail the Hollywood standard horribly. My ribs aren’t visible, neither are my obliques. My legs aren’t perfectly toned and are horribly white. My non-pregnant BMI is 22.9–smack dab in the middle of “normal”. If I look in the mirror and groan over my never-flat stomach, what goes through the mind of the women who are above that?

Sure, I know the super-skinnies can’t help how their bodies are either. But the world, the media, society and the tabloids aren’t telling these rib-baring minis that they need to change. Or worse, that they deserve some kind of back-handed compliment or recognition for daring to wear clothes that *gasp* FIT!

Go ahead mass media, pat yourself on the back for noticing H&M’s new “full-figured” model. Go ahead and tell yourself how evolved you are. Go ahead.

I don’t buy it.

2 thoughts on “Society’s Screwed Up View of Women. This is Getting Ridiculous.

  1. Society does tell thin women that they need to change. Ever here the phrase “eat a cheeseburger!” or “Meat is for men, bones are for dogs!” Or, even this precious little gem: “A woman without curves is like jeans without pockets: you don’t know where to put your hands!” There are countless facebook pages that dismiss thin women as being undesirable, unattractive, and “not real”. There is even a movement called “Zero is not a size”. I know all these things started from a place of wanting to empower women who aren’t built like super models. But it can not truly be empowerment if it comes at the cost of putting other people down. And like you said, many thin women cannot help how they look, and many of them don’t actually identify with fashion models or celebrities, either.

    And I believe there is no such thing as a “normal” body type. Everyone is different and we all come in different shapes and sizes. What is healthy for me might not be healthy for you, just like what is healthy for Christina Aguilera might not be healthy for Kiera Knightly. To label one range of body types as being “normal and healthy” (like Kardashian curves) is no more fair than to label only one range of body types (VS Angels) as being attractive. Mom always used to say that normal is only a setting on a dryer, and I agree!

    • I agree with your point in general (my own husband makes comments every day about forcing me to eat), but honestly, when is the last time you saw a celebrity berated for being too thin in the media? Unless there is suspected drug abuse, no one cares. My point may have been muddled, but it is NOT the body type that I take issue with. It is infuriating to watch the news and other media outlets pat themselves on the back for being more “accepting” of body types and then see these types of descriptions.

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