Pork “Roast”

I love roast with carrots and potatoes, but roasts can be pricey. They also tend to go to waste in our house since J and I don’t eat a ton and Husband claims he doesn’t like pork.

Still, I was really craving the taste of some roasted pork the other day. Instead of settling for a less flavorful pork meal, I decided to experiment. I had some pork in the freezer which had been purchased on super sale. No, it wasn’t a roast cut, but I was determined to make something work.

So here’s what came of it.


To make sure the tougher slice of meat softened up, I broke out the crock pot.

1 small can chicken both
Generous amount of celery salt. (if you have celery to chop up and add, that’s great. I was out.)

Carrots, potatoes

Cook on low 4 hours
Add carrots, cook another 1-2 hours (depending on how much meat you have)

Easy, cheap and yummy–as evidenced by the fact that I was too busy eating to take and “after” picture. My “non-pork-eating” husband also ate it for 2 meals.


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