Organizing and the Wise use of Child-Labor…I Mean, Little Sisters

In my nesting phase, the small nuisance areas of my homes have become these horrid beacons, screaming out profane recriminations about my housekeeping skills. The top of my fridge and tops of the cabinets above our dishes had become one such beacon.


That dreadful black box “hid” our stash of candy…only it didn’t. Frequently candy bags stuck out of the top and boxes got stacked in and around the box. Meanwhile, my necessities (recipe binder, tea bad holder, Kool Aid holder and sugar container) were scrunched to one side.

So, I added this task to my “To-Do Wishlist.”

Then opportunity arose. (Insert evil laughter).

My little sister came over for a few hours last weekend, and I saw my chance–and I seized it.

  1. Step one actually started a while ago as I collected random pasta jars, pickle jars and cappuccino jars. 
  2.  I had my husband spray paint the lids all the same color.
  3. I had my sister get to work sorting all the various candies! Anything above-and-beyond what fit in the containers, got donated to my sister.
    DSC08850She was a great sport about it.
  4. Lastly, I stuffed all the junk from the tops of the cabinets into the mini-above-fridge cabinets, and arranged the candies on top!
  5. Suddenly the top of the fridge had plenty of room for the recipe binder, flour and sugar containers, tea and Kool Aid containers, and my budget binder!
    DSC08851 DSC08852

LOVE the results! What do you think?

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