Simple, Quick Dessert Decoration

My sister recently had her baby shower (!) and it was a lovely gathering. There was no pressure or games (as this is her second child and second boy), it was simply a gathering of loved ones to celebrate the impending arrival.

Anyhow, I was called upon (fairly last-minute) to do one of my favorite things–bake! I love to make little treats for the people I love. It’s something I’ve enjoyed since I was a little girl spending time in my grandma’s kitchen.


This being a shower, though, I wanted to do something special for my sister. (Pictured above, looking away).

So here’s how it went. I baked brownies in my beloved Perfect Brownie pan, put them in cupcake papers, and topped them with Whipped Cream icing that I’d colored a light turquois-y color. Usually, I wouldn’t put icing on brownies, but I needed something for the decorations to stick to. Plus, it was cute. Well, then I got to work.

  1. I lined a large baking sheet with wax paper.
  2. I melted 1 cube of Baker’s white chocolate as directed on the box.
  3. I spooned the melted chocolate (while still very warm) into a simply resealable lunch bag.
  4. I cut a TINY hole in one corner.
  5. Then, I set about writing out my nephew’s initials. Some were simple Es, others were his full monogram EWP.
    -I have seen this done by using a pre-printed stencil. I tried, but couldn’t get the scale I wanted, so I free-handed it.
  6. I let the chocolate letters cool and COMPLETELY harden in the fridge before sticking them on top of the brownies. They pull right off!
    -If the chocolate becomes uncooperative, simply return to the fridge to cool and harden again.


This experience did teach me a few things that I will do differently for next time.

  1. Even though the thin lettering looked better, the thicker letters pulled off the paper 1000 times easier.
  2. While the overlapping monogram worked-it was a pain. I’ll be making the letters individually next time and just arranging them how I like on the actual desserts.

I hope you guys can use this super easy trick! I know we will–especially since I have to make all of J’s cakes. With his peanut allergy, it’s tough to find safe, fun cakes. At least this way, I know I can get a stencil and whip up something amazing. A chocolate transformer on a red cake sounds pretty great to me!

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