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J’s New Art Project: Photography

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Our first homeschooling year is coming to a close. It has been wonderful and rewarding (and frustrating, and challenging). As things wrap up, our time spent “in the books” is getting shorter each day. Mostly, things are just review at this point, and J is flying through most of this work.

We’re going to finish ahead of schedule for the required stuff. I’m excited about this for two reasons. 1.) We’re getting really close to baby #3 time around here, and 2.) this will leave us time in the “required hours” to fill in some gaps (like more writing practice) and pursue the things J is really wanting to study.

A new passions that has arisen is photography.

As you can tell from the blog, this is NOT my strong suit, so I can’t offer much guidance. But, I can hand over the camera! Yesterday, there was a real burst of spring weather in our area, so we took school outside. It provided J with the perfect opportunity to let loose with the camera without having to worry about the flash, the lighting, etc.

He ended up taking about 25 pictures–mostly of his total ham of a little brother. After they were all loaded onto the computer, I had him go back and choose his top 5 pictures–2 of which are some of my favorite pictures taken of Cub all year! (The first two).



p21  p8p19

Unlike my photos, none of these are cropped. None of them are edited or filtered! He did really well.

Of course, Cub had to contribute too.

Enjoy some more pics (by me) of the rest of what we did outside.

art cub art i love you <–This says “I love you”Spring day reading whiledrawing

Love, love, love.

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