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My Amazing Baby Shower: A Belated Post

I’ve been wanting to write (and rave) about my beautiful baby shower, but I’ve been waiting for pictures. They still haven’t made their way to me, but I can’t wait any more. Here’s the only picture I do have.


I have to start by saying that I don’t really know the details of who set up what, because the shower was intended to be a complete surprise! It was such an amazing gift, to be able to gather and celebrate the new little girl, that I didn’t really ask too many questions.

So the shower theme and decorations were done by my mother. She is super crafty, and everything was gorgeous! Dainty tea sets, bright pink lemonade, tea pot and tea cup shaped cookies (made by my little sister!), lace doilies and a beautiful cake made the whole scene like a fairy tale. To top it all off-everyone went the extra mile to get peanut-free ingredients for the homemade things, and to find safe bakeries, so everything laid out to eat was safe for Josiah! That is not an easy task.

Held at my in-laws’ house, the biggest surprises were the guests! Of course, my mom and sister, step mom and little sister were all there along with my mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law. Two of my aunts were there as well as some wonderful women from our church!

The biggest surprise, however, was that my best friend of nearly 20 years came all the way from Rolla to be at the shower!!! I rarely get to see her anymore, maybe twice a year, but we talk constantly. I don’t know what I would do without her, so seeing her in-person was a huge deal! Scream-worthy, in fact. I did a lot of happy squealing. She’s in the picture above to my right (photo left) writing down what gift came from which guest.

-Melody (best-friend)
-My boys being able to be there with me. J was very involved in shower preparations so it was great to have him with me.
-The bedding set! I was in a panic not having any bedding for her. Such a relief. But Mom didn’t get just any old bedding. She got my DREAM set! In addition, my step mom crocheted a blanket for us that goes perfectly with the bedding and nursery!
-Sorting through bags and bags of sweet little girly things.

Best of all though was being surrounded by so many women I love and respect as they all celebrated our new baby with me! Sometimes it can feel like additional babies aren’t that big of a deal to those outside the home. But every baby is a big deal to me! I know that baby showers aren’t traditional past the first one, either, but again, the chance to really celebrate our impending arrival was not something I will ever forget.

There were some low points to the day. Some drama seems unavoidable, but it in no way countered the hard work, and love that went into the shower.

I hope to add pictures sometime soon, but I just couldn’t hold all this in any more!

Thank you to everyone who came, who contributed and celebrated!

2 thoughts on “My Amazing Baby Shower: A Belated Post

  1. I have been crazy busy, but will try and get pics to you soon. Not to toot my own horn, but the theme of a tea party was actually my idea! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it.

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