Baby #3

Finished Nursery…Well, Almost.

The nursery is finally ready for the little girly one to come home. There are a few tiny details we still need to get done…like hanging the chandelier…but overall, I’m incredibly happy. And relieved. Here are some pics! (I also included the prices…honestly to show off my thrifting skills).

Pictures of how it looked when we moved in:

begin 1

As a room for Cub

boy 2 boy 1

Nursery for the Newbie


window cover

1Dresser Wide View

1Changing Table

1coats and shoes


Here are a few of my favorite small details

rep Curtain hook 1book basket diaper close up Dresser Top

inside crib

And, here’s a shot of the chandelier


The cost altogether was…$230.50! I count the cost at $121.50, though. We only purchased the rug ($109) because my husband really messed up the carpet while working on another project.

$20 Crib
$12 Changing Table
$25 Chandelier
$11 Box for top of dresser
$18 Paint
$35 Decorations

Oh, and here I am at 30 weeks, 6 days pregnant! Sorry about the yoga pants.

30 weeksfront 30weekswide 30 Weeks

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