Easter and I Have a Long, Sordid Relationship

Halloween used to be my favorite holiday, but when we discovered J’s peanut allergy, it stopped feeling like days in the Green Room, trying on costumes for a play. It started to feel like Russian Roulette.

Even if we managed to scope safe candy (not an easy task), there was always the contact with unsafe candy to be concerned about, and the perpetual look of pained disappointment when my son couldn’t eat any of the treats he’d gotten.

Halloween became a member of the Legion of Doom.


Easter quickly joined the infamous group.

While you see

basket 2 and baskets

I see

poison and death

Stupid things aren’t safe. Like Lemonheads, and most chocolate eggs.

So you see, it became a nightmare. Despite my pleas, and their best efforts, unsafe candy was ALWAYS around at family gatherings. Kids being kids and thrilled about the holiday ate the unsafe candies and didn’t wash their hands–putting J in danger.

More hurtful things happened too. Some people, fully aware of J’s allergy, would still stuff eggs with unsafe candies. I was forced to choose to either a.) let him participate in an egg hunt where he wouldn’t get to keep any of the treats, b.) make him sit out while all the other kids egg hunted, or c.) stop participating.

For the most part, we’ve stopped participating. Thankfully, my family is getting more and more vigilant. This year we had people over at our house for breakfast and egg hunting. My mom stuffed the eggs and assembled the baskets–she’s always been awesome and super careful with Josiah. My step dad, brother, sister, brother-in-law, nephew and dad came too! My lovely sister didn’t get upset that there wasn’t any chocolate for her son. My dad brought gifts from him & my step mom that were toys instead of candy (which is perfect) and even included a peanut allergy necklace for J!

There was no stress.

There was no fighting. No need for Benadryl. No dozen boiled eggs that would never be eaten.

Overall, it was perfect.

Maybe Easter can start it’s own Legion. Like the Legion of Super Stressful-But-Non-Lethal Events. Either way, it’s been downgraded.

bad horse

Now some pictures for your enjoyment.

P.S.-This was last week

last week Ahh St. Louis

blue eyes


daddy helps

Check out this epic photobomb by the Cub.

Check out this epic photobomb by the Cub.

One thought on “Easter and I Have a Long, Sordid Relationship

  1. We had to stop participating in large family gatherings. Special occasions are always centered around food, and holidays are the worst because of the candy. Plus my food allergic child is only two, so you can’t trust him to know how to protect himself. We made baskets that focused on one nice toy and a few jelly beans and peeps, as opposed to the traditional basket full of candy.

    I’m seeking people like you out, because I’m trying to get support for my food-allergic toddler.

    My two-year-old son has a severe peanut allergy. Even though peanuts are known to be deadly, his allergist allows people to eat peanuts and peanut products while sitting right next to him in the allergy clinic. I tried to get this stopped, but I was told that any kind of food ban would be “inconvenient” to the other patients.

    Please show your support for my son, and all of the other peanut allergy sufferers who are forced to wait at the allergist’s office in fear, by signing my petition.

    Thank you!

    Please SIGN and SHARE my petition to get Children’s Mercy Allergy Clinic to stop allowing peanuts and peanut products to be eaten in the Allergy Clinic waiting area

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