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Refinishing Furniture: Making the Most of Pinterest Tips and Ideas

First of all–sorry for the bad splice. There is no way to take a full-width picture where the dresser sits now. Anyway,


splice 2

Used to look like



No, I’m not kidding.

We needed a dresser for the nursery, and as I mentioned in this post about Goodwill finds, I found this dresser on sale for $17.50! I intended for hubby to strip it and paint it ivory. I ended up deciding against it for the nursery in favor of more foot room, though. Instead of trying to sell it or donating it back, I decided to employ a Pinterest idea and refinish it.

We’ve been in desperate need of an entry-way catch all. Previously, everything was stacked/hidden behind the couch just inside the door. Shoes were semi-organized on a little stand and everything else just piled up.

Not anymore.

First the dresser was stripped. Then it was primed and painted white.

Last, I laid down a lace table runner we’d never used and spray painted a coat of silver over it. I also painted the formerly-brass drawer pulls in the same silver.

It was just that easy. The lace detail took less than 10 minutes to complete.

dresser top

I added some trays on top so that people wouldn’t set things directly on the top, but otherwise, it just sits as-is.

Honestly, doing the drawers was a last-minute decision…and they are my favorite part! Not only do they hide a bunch of random crap like umbrellas and gloves, but they are pretty!


I might add some baskets to help with the sorting, but it isn’t really a priority.

Cost breakdown:
Paint-$0 (leftover from another project)
Spray Paint-$6

Total: $41.50

Now all me need is a coat rack and I will officially be happy with the living room. Nesting, you know?

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