Weekends…You Just Never Know Around Here.

So after a dreadful Thursday (which prompted this post), I was dreading the weekend.

I knew we’d be busy.

I knew we had more to get done than anyone wanted to help with, and none of it was anything I can do without help right now. Because, p.s. I totally would if I was able. It seemed like a big ball of stress was headed our way.

I was wrong in the very best way possible. So, now you get to “listen in” to my very favorite snippets of the weekend.


Heading to my sister’s for the day to visit. My sister also has a 2 yr-old boy and is watching her sister-in-laws little girl for a few days.

Me: What does everyone want from McDonald’s?
Cub: Krissy’s house!
Me: (giggling) Don’t worry, Baby. We’re still going to Krissy’s. Just making a stop first.

‘Oh Yeah’
Me: Cub, who lives at Krissy’s house?
Cub: ALI! (my nephew)
Me: Yes. And?
Cub: Krissy.
Me: And?
Me: Uncle Jordan?
Cub: Oh, yeah.
J: Violet will be there too! I love her.
Cub: (deadpan) No.

Apparently big brother simply isn’t allowed to love another kid.

Husband: (points to jet trails that have been blown in the wind a bit) J, do you know what those are?
J: Tornadoes?
Cub: (Screams jokingly)


Cub is a very dedicated superhero. Saturday he was being Super Baby and “flying” around the house, holding a blanket on his shoulders for a cape. He tripped on a pile of blankets in their room and smacked his cheekbone on the new wooden bunk beds…because he held onto the cape instead of catching himself. 

It was bad. I was terrified he’d broken something or would end up concussed…or with brain swelling. My brain does worst-case-scenario REALLY well. So, I called and my step-dad Jim came over to check it out.

Jim: What do you want to do?
Me: I don’t know. It’s so hard to know what I should do.
Jim: I think we should keep an eye on him for a while and if it gets worse we’ll take him
J: To the vet.
Me: (laughing) What?
J: What? He’s a bear cub.

Cub’s fine, by the way.


Sawyer’s newest superhero obsession is Wolverine. It’s awesome. He’ll just stand there, and then suddenly say “SHING!” and hold his hands like they are claws.

Cub: Watch this, Daddy. Watch this. SHING! (hands as claws).
Aaron: (playing video games with J) Oh, yeah.
Cub: …Be dead, Daddy.
Aaron: Be dead?
Cub: Yeah…Ok, fixed.

So you see, you just never know.

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