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A Romantic Gesture

I would love to say that I am a hopeless romantic and that I have these brilliant ideas which keep a shining spark alive in my marriage. I’d love to say that, but it would be a lie.

I am not very romantic. Or sentimental. Or emotive. I find it unhelpful in most circumstances. My husband appreciates romance, though. It’s one of the many ways he challenges me to be better. He came to me the other night and just told me that he wanted us to spend more time talking, cuddling…simple things really to draw us closer. Until that moment, I hadn’t realized that a space had cropped up between us.

Regardless of the reason, be it my general tendency toward a solitary nature, the exhaustion of pregnancy, or a natural wave in the life-cycle of romance, I hadn’t noticed that we were co-living instead of delving deeper into what we could be as husband and wife.

A small spark of inspiration struck and here’s what came of it.

I love music. I love literature, and one of the few ways I can express love is to write out the most meaningful quotes I find. Some are deeply romantic, some are just plain silly, but they all convey a small part of how much I love someone.

First, I was just going to write a letter, but then I found some blank Christmas cards I hadn’t gotten around to filling out. I decided to take one letter full of quotes and turn it into 21 cards.

Cards 1

Each day I plan to slip a card into his jacket or lunch just so he knows I think of him.

Here are some of my favorite quotes.

Close up on Quotes

And here are some more I used in the other cards (if no source is listed, it was credited as Anonymous):

  1. Every night I’m with you, I just want to yell to the moon, “I love this person!” But the moon doesn’t care,because it can’t talk, which is kind of depressing, so I just keep it to myself. -Daily Odd Compliment
  2. I find bits & pieces of you in the music I love. -Potentially Creepy Love Quote
  3. Let’s be otters & fall asleep holding hands so we don’t drift apart. -Julie Robert Original
  4. I don’t think you realize just how good looking you are. I mean, you’re like a 10 on the hotness scale. And that’s coming from a fellow 10, so I know what I’m talking about.
  5. Let the wife make the husband glad to come home, and let him make her sorry to see him leave.-Martin Luther.
  6. I want to…hold your hand, laugh at your jokes, walk by your side, snuggle on the couch, look into your eyes, talk about whatever, and kiss your lips. Every. Single. Day.
  7. Everyone comes with baggage. Find someone who loves you enough to help you unpack.
  8. Love is not a noun; it is a verb. It is not something you get. It is something you do. It’s the way you love your partner every day. -Barbara De Angelis
  9. Look after my heart—I’ve left it with you.
  10. If nothing lasts forever, please be my nothing.
  11. True love doesn’t have a happy ending. True love has no ending.
  12. Love is just a word until someone comes along & gives it meaning. P.S. That’s you.
  13. You are…the peanut to my butter, water to my ocean, glaze to my donut, spring in my step, flip to my flop, milk to my cookie, beat of my heart, cheese of my macaroni, best to my friend, love of my life.
  14. I don’t have many and I don’t have much. In fact, I don’t have any but I’ve got enough. -Passenger “Heart’s on Fire”
  15. I waited a hundred years. I’d wait a million more for you. Nothing prepared me for what the privilege of being yours would do. -Turning Page.

I hope this inspired some fun/romantic cards for you guys too. Which was your favorite quote?


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