Where We’ve Been This Week

I know, I know. I had been doing so well keeping up the posts, and then I dropped off the planet. Here’s what happened:

  • My children started to behave like my children again, and I took a couple of days to enjoy that.
  • I found a wonderful way to contribute to our finances without having to leave home. I am officially a book reviewerfor a small company. It won’t pay the mortgage, but any little bit is super helpful right now since my hubby’s second job is totally flaking out on him. Some weeks he’s working 30+ hours and some weeks he works 8. Regardless, it isn’t averaging out to the 24 hour a week minimum we told them we needed, so our budget has suffered. P.S. this new work of mine combines my two passions: reading and writing…and I get paid for it!
  • We got a notice that our tax refund (money we were desperately counting on) is being delayed due to the new anti-identity theft measures taken by the IRS. I called and they told me there was nothing for me to do. They have to verify my husband’s identity through third-party resources. It will be completed by April 18! They apparently don’t realize that we have a hospital bill from an ER trip and a nursery to decorate…not to mention the bills we’d intended to pay off. Grr.
  • All of my forward nursery motion was stalled with the IRS thing. Nothing I had planned was terribly expensive, but it was important to me. Now we are scaling back because I know that something will come up between now and April that will require the use of that money. Plus, I will be too pregnant to be dealing with big projects then.

Lastly, I got the flu. The real, throwing-up-every-20-minutes, zombie-inducing flu. It was awful so I spent a solid 36 hours moving as little as possible.

Thankfully, thankfully, I feel 90 percent better this morning and just hope that the kids are feeling well when they wake up!

So, that’s where we’ve been. I’ll be back to more lesson plans, baby news, and recipes here soon.

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