Preschool at Home

Build Fine Motor Skills with Bumble Bugs.

Thank you Pre-school Play for this idea! This activity is effortless with minimal setup and materials.

bumblebugs siah

Fuzzy Pipe Cleaners
Jars (Ours are left over spice jars)

Cut pip cleaners into small pieces (approximately 1/2 to 1 inch). Place in containers. Demonstrate for child that the magnet will drag the pipe cleaners around in the container!
**Note- we currently only have fridge magnets on-hand. They work, but the discovery magnets (large magnets with handles) have a much more dramatic effect.

These steps work as a simple discovery jar. To turn this into a fine-motor activity, 1.) pull out one pre-cut pipe cleaner, renamed Bumble bug by Cub because he thinks they look like bugs when they stick together and move around. 2.) Place that “bug” into a narrow jar or container. 3.) Challenge kids to use the magnet to get the bug out of the container. This will require the use of concentration, patience and fine-motor skills.

bumblebugs siah zoom

bumblebugs cub

Also, file this away under activities that can rescue you during the “witching hour.” Note the time below. They routinely sit quietly with Bumble Bugs for at least half an hour when we bring them out.

Bumblebugs bumblebugs clock

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