Failed Recipes

Not going to lie, it’s more fun writing about recipes gone wrong than bragging on the ones which have gone right. I’ve been looking forward to this post!

I usually try to give proper credit to the people who’ve inspired my posts, and even though it seems odd, I’m going to do the same here. This is the reason: a failed recipe does not make a bad recipe. It just means that a.) something technical went wrong or b.) the recipe simply didn’t work for my family.

Below you will see an example of each.

Gummy Strawberries 
(By Urban Nester)

The recipe could not be simpler:

Quartered strawberries, parchment paper, oven 200 degrees for 3 hours.

I decided to also try banana chips from a different source because the recipe was similar and seemed simple: thinly sliced banana dipped in lemon juice, parchment paper, oven 200 degrees for 2 hours.

…Yeah, no.


I’m calling this one a technical failure. Apparently my oven temp is a little off.

Fruity Breakfast Burrito 
(By: Once A Month Mom)

Basically this recipe calls for yogurt and fruit to be wrapped in a cinnamon/sugar covered tortilla, flash frozen and eaten for breakfast. I love this idea but it did not work.

BK crepe things strawberries and chocolateBK crepe things rolled zoomFailed Recipe 1A

The yogurt froze to ice, making the burritos inedible, and my boys didn’t like the taste. Letting the yogurt thaw just resulted in soggy tortillas.

Both of these ideas have stuck around in my mind, though. I’m still determined to make banana chips (because store-bought ones are never safe for J’s allergies and I LOVE them), but I haven’t figured out the oven thing yet. Simply cooking them a shorter time results in an odd consistency.

The breakfast burritos have already gotten a re-start this week when I switched from yogurt to ricotta cheese–that’s the filling used in cannolis. (If you haven’t had a cannoli, you should. They are tiny pieces of heaven). I also made just a few and put them in the fridge just in case it was the freezer causing the super-frozen burrito phenomenon.

I’m not terribly used to all-out failed recipes, but I actually enjoy the learning-curve.

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