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Indoor Games with a Side of Learning: Activity Cards

Let me first direct you to the blog that sparked this adventure: Training Happy Hearts. I haven’t had an opportunity to fully explore this site, but her post Alerting Activity ABC Cards has me inspired! For free you can download a full set of Activity Cards like these:

Sample Action Card

Each card has a different activity designed to engage one of the five senses. (The cards are even color coded depending on the sense).

This is an activity I found and printed out, but set aside only to discover just in time.

A few weeks ago, I planned to use these cards to see if they could help me gain some control over the “witching hour.” (This is any hour of dead time, especially if kids are prone to being hungry, tired or both. For us, this not-so-magical time hits around 4 p.m. every day…Just when I need to be starting dinner). Anyway, this particular day, the cards were even more helpful than I could have imagined.

Hours of thunderstorms rolled through our area at just the time when I normally try to get the kiddos to relax with a movie or play quietly together with some music on in the background. Unfortunately, the storms meant I had to unplug our wireless router to prevent any lightning-related damage, and the internet is how we both watch TV (through Netflix) and listen to music (through Youtube or live radio streaming online), so those activities were completely out.

I also had to delay dinner because I didn’t want the power to go out right in the middle of fixing chicken.

Talk about dead time.

So, I broke out the Activity Cards and we had a BLAST!

Each person took a turn drawing a card, but we did all of the activities together. Our two favorite cards were F: Follow a flashlight on the wall (completely perfect for a dark, stormy day), and A: Push hard against a wall!


This is an activity that is requested time and again.

I am working on developing a silly version of the Activity Cards customized for my kids including things like Z: Zombie walk around the living room, and P: See who can PLAY DEAD the longest. Those may seem weird for your family, but my boys get a kick out of it.

I encourage you to print the cards as-is and try them out. If you love them as much as we did and come up with your own set, or have ideas on what we can add to our silly set, let me know!

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