Preschool at Home

Sensory Activity for Toddlers that Older Kids Love Too!

Sensory Buckets


This idea is all over the web, but here’s how it went for us.


3 buckets

1. PUT DOWN A SHEET OR BLANKET. Trust me on this one. Even with a play mat, I still had to vacuum.

2. Fill the buckets with as much of each texture that you can spare.
*Note my boys basically ignored the oats in favor of the smaller-grain options, so next time I think we will use salt.

3. I would also encourage you to set up a changing area on the blanket or a nearby towel. Flour is like glitter-it gets and sticks everywhere. For this reason, the kids had special clothes to wear on the mat, but hat to change into clean ones before they left the area.

4. Watch.

At first, I thought this activity would last us 30 minutes and then they’d be over it, but it just went on and on. They kept going back to it, so I left the supplies out from around 11 a.m. until just before my husband was due home at 6. They went back to it time and time again and played for well over 10 minutes every time.

Here are some things they came up with.

s-lion prints

Animal Footprints


Buried treasure hunting and castle building.

My favorite moment of the day, however, came when I wasn’t looking. I was doing something in the kitchen, and peeked around the corner to see this:


Hours had passed since I first put out the buckets and Cub was finally exploring the actual textures of each bucket by just letting it fall through his fingers. It was a beautiful thing.

s-falling zoomed

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