Homeschool Adventure

Homeschooling, Electives and the Arts


When I was in school, the arts were a saving grace, a stronghold and a welcome place to form friendships based on common passions. One big discussion looming in our homeschooling future will be how to get the kids involved in these sorts of activities if they show an interest. (Our local community theater tends to be a little elitist and tough to break in to). It is especially hard since my precious J shows such love and passion for the arts-specifically in music and dancing. The boy loves to move!

Needless to say, I value the arts. I think expression is important, but more than anything, I think music and art are timeless and transcendent, and I desire for my children to not only appreciate these things from a distance, but also love them. Home school presents some uphill battles with this at his age, though I definitely see how having the freedom and time to pursue his desired lessons or activities will be a dramatic advantage in later years.

There are resources available in our area in the forms of co-ops, classes at the Rec Center as well as dance and music studios that offer lessons. However, my husband and I currently share a car, and he works more than 70 hours every week, so there isn’t much opportunity for us to get out of the house to lessons. Plus, I’m getting to the “super pregnant” phase and just cleaning up around the house is a lot these days. I’m not sure I could add anything else to our plate.

Enough back story. Basically: No car + Creative Child + Homeschooling = Mom’s Task.

I knew I had to find something for this boy to start in on. My parents lavished gifts on the kids this holiday season, and the drum set above was one of the most amazing we received. Our original intention was to start lessons, but that isn’t working out, so with some research,  I found this on Youtube.

Beware: Even though this says it’s for kids, it’s really more of a “How to” for adults to learn to teach kids.

Even so, Lisa has broken down drumming into steps simple enough for this melody-driven, barely-see-the-need-for-drums girl to understand–which assures me anyone can follow these lessons. Not only is J practicing how to hold his hands and keep a steady beat, but he’s also starting to learn to use different limbs in unison to create new sounds.

Our music time is taking off! Not since our early days of music journaling about all the genres have I felt that our simple lessons will have a lasting impact.

I encourage you to find where your homeschooler’s interests lie in the arts. For some, it’s foreign language, for others it’s art. Whatever their calling is, don’t be intimidated! Even if you are unfamiliar with their instrument or cannot afford private lessons, you can still provide stimulating, fulfilling lessons simply by scouring free sites like Youtube.

How do you fulfill the electives credits?

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