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Preschool Activity: Letter Hunting

Recently, I began structuring some activities for Cub to do throughout the day. He was beginning to show some signs of boredom in the afternoons and was no longer happy to play at my side or independently, so I took that as a sign to introduce preschool. We are starting small with simple letter recognition. Last week, of course was A. This week we are working on B. Go figure.


Click the picture for their youtube channel.

My sister (who also has a preschooler at home) introduced us to the lovely world of Storybots!

We love them for so many reasons.
1. They are only mildly annoying–a giant accomplishment in kid music.
2. As my sister pointed out, they introduce really good words. More than just “B is for bear” (which is mentioned), B is also for “boogie”, “bongo” and “behold!” Those are great B words.
3. Cub loves them and requests to hear the “bo-bots.” Trick learning is the best.

So, when we play background music throughout the day, Cub hears the A song from last week as well as the B song.

We have also compiled a few activities from several sources on the web. Right now, the most exciting thing for Cub is the Letter Hunt. Simply put, we grab a bucket and scour the house for hidden letters on books, movies, food and more.


It is hard work that he takes very seriously. Look at that expression! He’s working hard.


And finding a letter always makes him so proud.


For the movies, I set out titles that I know contain the letter we are looking for, but it’s not so easy with the food cabinet. He was determined to find a B on this fruit can. He searched and searched! We finally found a few in the packaging info.

bucket 2

And in the bucket it went.

Even more wonderful than the structured time–where we avoid things like interrupting Bubba’s schoolwork and random meltdowns inspired by boredom–are these great moments where Cub spots a letter on the television or random sign and freaks out until we all acknowledge that there is, in fact, a B.

It’s also pretty special when Daddy comes home and the first thing he want to do is show Dad that he can find a B on a can of food.

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