Baby #3

Therapy. AKA: Shopping For Baby Clothes

So today started out horrible. Just a brief run-down

-Some jerk thinks it’s awesome to drive down the street honking his horn at 5:30 a.m. (2 hours before we even need to be thinking of being up, and half an hour before “quiet hours” officially end in our neighborhood). It not only wakes up the crabby pregnant girl, but also the 2 year-old, so any chance of going back to sleep goes out the window.

-I had to threaten to call the news just to get the jeweler to get my engagement ring back to me. I would go into details, but it just makes me cry. Miraculously, threatening them meant they came up with my ring just an hour later. It isn’t fixed. I don’t want it fixed. I just want it back. We got a replacement ring that is gorgeous…but honestly, boring by comparison.

-I had to call my ex about some legal stuff. It turned out ok, but still made me a ball of nerves.

-J was NOT listening to the point of direct defiance.

-Cub decided today was the best day ever to scream any time any one did anything.

-My “nap” got interrupted 3 times…in 30 minutes.

This was not a day for the faint of heart.

Thankfully, we were given the opportunity to escape the house for a bit when my mom had us take her to the doctor. Since she had a ride home, we had a car for a bit! I decided to hit up a second-hand shop that is fairly close to her doctor and see what they had in stock. Even though I was really looking for some pretty bedding, what I found made me just as happy.


Baby Girl has CLOTHES!

It isn’t easy to find girl clothes I like. In my opinion, the skirts are too short and the pink is horrid. I don’t have any desire for my baby to look like a pudgy bottle of Pepto. This place had a great selection though. Softer, rose pinks, beautiful floral patterns and pretty dresses.

Please note that I broke 2 of my fashion rules with the little sweater just to the left of the striped dress. It is Pepto pink, and zebra striped…but it has ears! and a zebra-hawk. I was powerless against its charms.

Some of my favorite finds-



Elephants in bright coral on brown ($2.50), rose cardigans ($3.50), nautical stripes($1.50) and a night cover that swaddles ($2.50)!

But this dress is still my favorite.


I found it at a different resale/antique shop. I’m not sure she’ll ever fit, but it was too gorgeous to pass up. Especially for just $12.00.

Immediately, I felt better. The boys were very well behaved and took so much care when helping me pick out clothes for their sister. An undercurrent of anxiety was completely lifted. I hadn’t realized how anxious I was to not have any clothes for this baby! I’m much less anxious now, but that just might be because the boys are in bed.

3 thoughts on “Therapy. AKA: Shopping For Baby Clothes

  1. LOVE the baby clothes! I miss shopping for tiny baby girl stuff already 🙂 If you’re still looking for baby girl bedding, I have a really cute set pink and brown microfiber set that I’ve been trying to sell. A few of the ties from the crib bumper need to be fixed though. It’s got the bumper, skirt, comforter, two window valances, toy holder, diaper holder, and I don’t remember what else. Anywho – let me know if you’re interested! I have a picture of the set I can send!

  2. The Baby Girl clothes you got look
    Totally adorable. I can’t wait to see my
    Grand daughter in the adorable clothes
    You picked out.
    I know you have great taste
    In clothes, for yourself
    and your children.
    Love and hugs Moma

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