Growing Something New: My Little Indoor Garden

I am an avid cook. I’ve also recently made a few folk remedies for use around the house, so I started to toss around the idea of a kitchen garden. I’ve never been very good with plants, unless you count my track record of killing them–that I’m pretty consistently good at. Mostly, I’ve just forgotten about the things and they shrivel and die. However, I have faith that being a stay-at-home mom and placing the garden on my kitchen window sill will greatly increase my chances of remembering that I have plants.

Not only will I have something pretty to look at while I do the dishes, but I will also be able to grow some fresh ingredients that we use around here a lot…hopefully.

Here’s what I have going so far!

Look at those sprouts!

Look at those sprouts!

A few weeks ago I purchased this little tray from Lowe’s for $3. It came with 10 handy little “pellets” of soil and best of all–directions. A little water and some seeds from the Dollar Tree, and here we are!

I am growing Rosemary, Thyme, Sage, and Mint in this tray. Basil will be started in a separate planter. When they are ready, each herb will be transferred into one of the pots you can see in the background there. I found those for $2 each at Goodwill!

Overall I’m very pleased with the price and progress of my little indoor garden.

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