Random Things I Felt Like Sharing.

Today has been a little scattered. I feel scattered. So, this post will be scattered. Fun, right?

I think I’ve officially entered the nesting stage. It hit hard when I entered my 5th month with Cub too (which is just next week this time around), so I should have been expecting it, but the force of this impulse/need to change and prepare every room in every way possible is…overwhelming. And exhausting.

It is also frustrating since so many of the projects I really want done are contingent upon the help of others. Despite my best efforts, I have already started imagining this baby as a girl. Because that would mean a complete overhaul of the nursery, I started to look up ideas. Just to prepare, you know? Well that lead to a full-on vision, and now Wednesday can’t come soon enough. We are supposed to have our ultrasound…but we have bad luck, so I’m not holding my breath.

My other projects include things like painting, moving furniture, and climbing on ladders which means I have to wait, and Hubby worked 80 hours this week so…

Anyway, part of this has been organizing my kitchen. (See this awesome completed project.) In addition to these changes, I’m adding an indoor herb garden this week and this:
Nutrition Chart

nc jpeg

This is now on the fridge in a sheet protector, so each day i can mark off when we’ve eaten our fill of the food groups. Today was our first day, and I was really challenged (in a positive way) to give the kids more variety. I also forced myself to eat some really great food (even though it didn’t “sound good”) which I know will help Baby-to-Be.

I realized last week that the main reason the kids don’t eat fruits and veggies is my own laziness. If I cut up an orange, apple strawberries or carrots, they fight over who gets to eat them. I just need to set the stuff in front of them. Getting meat into J is an issue and Cub struggles to get all his veggies, but we did well today.

I do have to say that finding all the info was not easy. I had to got to 4 different sites (including http://www.gerber.com and do multiple conversions to get the sheet above. Trust me, I can foresee some changes already in the making, but it’s workable for now.

Other Random Things:
-Tonight is the last time my Husband works job #2 for 4 whole days!…unless they call him in…which they usually do.
-Few things are as frustrating as expecting a nice, warm bubble bath to relax and reinvigorate you–and getting a lukewarm battle against goosebumps instead.
-I switched out the conditioner I use in my DIY Fabric Softener for a new scent from Suave called Everlasting Sunshine, and I think I’m in love. Much more fragrant and “typical” of fabric softener.

P.S. my posts will probably be sans photos for a while because both of our cameras broke yesterday. Both of them.

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