Homeschool Adventure

Just An Ordinary Day.

Today has been great!

First of all, we finally got the tree out of the house! I was able to put our little couch back and vacuum like a madwoman.

School was long but good. This semester, I’m starting to let J use the computer. I found a search engine that gives only kid-friendly results (Supposedly, we’re still testing it out.)

kids rex

Today he was responsible for putting in his search–King Arthur. We then looked through the pictures and decided on the best site for him to explore. After tens minutes of flipping through the various pages independently, we went back through it together and read the story line by line.

Later, J was on the computer again looking at When it works, this site is wonderful. It offers lessons from beginner to advanced levels on everything from manners to animals and colors. Today, J was exploring animals which is our focus for this week.

tres bien

I was really happy that he asked to explore another lesson (on fruits and vegetables) all on his own when he was done with the animals.

Exploring French

This semester, we are also beginning loose-form preschool for the Cub. Today, we played Legos (fine motor control) in the morning. Later, I broke out an idea from Pinterest.

Pipe Cleaner 2

Pipe cleaners + strainer = 20 minutes of uninterrupted fun.

At first, the pipe cleaners were just swords for him and his brother. Eventually, with some demonstration, he started poking the pipe cleaners through the holes!

Pipe Cleaner 2

Pipe Cleaner 3

He was quite proud of his creation.

crazy face

crazy face

Toward the end, I had Cub sort through the various colors. He was able to correctly identify and poke in all the colors except purple (he always calls it blue or pink) and black (which he calls brown).

Overall, it was a great, fun, entertaining and educational day!

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