And All Those Good-bye Things

It’s January! Holy cow! I keep thinking things like-we’re going to have another baby in 22 weeks. Insanity. We find out the 9th whether this new Little One is a brother or a sister. We’re all hoping for a girl except Cub. To be fair, he has the best brother in the world. I can completely understand why he’d want another.

January for me is going to be a month of goodbyes. We said goodbye to Diapers in December. January is going to be getting rid of/storing clothes that don’t kit the kiddos. Today I am starting to sort through the boxes upon boxes of stored items to try to thin out what we actually want to keep.

I’m also saying adios to my non-maternity appropriate clothes. Anyone who has been pregnant know that there are some items that work even when you’re hugely pregnant (like my collection of 1 million cardigans) but some things that simply don’t (like my gorgeous, but non-stretch dresses). Those things will have to retire until I am back to my pre-pregnancy shape, which seems to resurface about two months before I get pregnant again.

Anyway. We also need to get rid of our previously-living Christmas tree, which is now dead enough to be a fire concern. It  is dropping needles at an alarming rate, but we haven’t been able to get our hands on a tree disposal bag…and we really don’t know what to do with this thing when we get it out. We aren’t allowed to put it out with the garbage or by the neighborhood dumpsters. I’m not brave enough to just dump it in the woods somewhere-for fear of being fined or ticketed, so I have to do some research today.

I’m leaving up a snowy village of decorations that we were given this year by some awesome neighbors. It will be appropriate for a few more months, but I can’t wait to say goodbye to some of my other decorations. I love red, cream and silver…but I’ve been looking at it a little too long. Time for something new. I think I’ll head to Pinterest for some inspiration!

I also posted an update on the Baby Page, so if you’d like-head on over there, too!

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