Baby #3

And Then There Was This.

So Saturday (the 22nd), Hubby and I were lying in bed and my stomach felt kind of odd, so I was pushing around on it. With all of the weight loss and the position of this little one, I still didn’t have a bump, and I was anxious to feel something–even just a pooch. Anyway, I was greeted unexpectedly by a little lemon-sized ball that was significantly harder than the rest of my mush. It stuck around on the surface long enough for Husband to get a feel too, but then the little one dove back in.

I had been having some significant growing pains in the form of Round Ligament Pains, so I was hopeful that my bump was coming. Well, it seemed like the next day that this happened:

Bump 17 weeks

Bump: 17 Weeks

Then Christmas came. Husband and I were given some money. Some was designated for practical things, but we split the rest to spend any way we chose.

Please excuse the wrinkly pants. I wore them to death today. They are SO COMFORTABLE!

So then this happened:

cardigan 2

Mossimo cardigan $5. Tank (closet) $0. Motherhood maternity pants $3.
Total Cost: $8

long sleeve

Motherhood maternity sweater $3

old lady skirt with olive

Olive tee shirt (closet) $0, “Old Lady” skirt $ 3.
Total Cost: $3

old lady skirt with pink

Pink top $3. “Old Lady” skirt $3.
Total Cost: $6

pink with skirt

Pink shirt $3. Motherhood maternity skirt $5.
Total Cost: $8

razor back b & w

Razor back top $4. Motherhood maternity skirt $5.
Total Cost: $9

blue cardigan

Cardigan $5. Maternity khakis $3. Tank Top Closet
Total Cost for Outfit: $8

Every single piece can be mixed and matched with everything (except maybe the old lady skirt) and also with the few other maternity pieces I have collected so far. I feel really good about this wardrobe, especially since most of it will transition well to nursing tops or things that I will enjoy wearing post-baby. Prepare to see a lot of that black skirt.

On a side-note, with our super-tight budget, I also have to admit that it felt really great to spend money on me. Granted, I needed these things, but I also wanted them. So, yay!

5 thoughts on “And Then There Was This.

    • Oh! I forgot to tell-Goodwill. I can scour a Goodwill like no one’s business. I love thrift stores of all kinds, but the Goodwill right by my house is close to a shopping mall, so they get all kinds of overstock and great donations! I also got 5 gorgeous terra cotta planters for my new window garden for $10.

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