Where We Have Gone Wrong

There are so many broken hearts across America and around the world. Tragedy after tragedy. Attack after attack. Compounding, multiplying racing toward some unrecognizable form of humanity we do not want to see coming. Some form of humanity we do not want to witness or partake in.

So, what is missing? What is causing this? What is the reason?

We have an abundance of gun-control laws here and abroad.
We have police.
We have military.

We have financial hardships.
We have untreated mentally ill.
We have no respect for the sanctity of life.


Our lives are no more financially crunched than previous generations. Our children are no more exposed to violence than the generation that grew up watching live news coverage from the battlefields in Vietnam. Our parents are no more permissive than those who lived in communes or raised their kids to believe that drugs were a portal to God. So what is the difference.

I firmly believe that the cost of a human life has been lost on the universal consciousness.

I believe that many, many people have developed a belief that taking a life will solve their problems.

I do not believe there is a weight or a sense of gravity when a child’s death is chosen over the safety of a mother. I will not attempt to judge the decision–I understand that saving the mother is always priority–but there should be sadness. It should break a doctor’s heart.

The death of every American soldier, so widely touted in the years of the Bush administration, was barely a sideline note in the “closing days” of the Iraq/Afghanistan wars. Every soldier should be mourned. Every citizen should stand and realize the gravity of one man giving his life in service of our nation, our security, our culture. If these men were acknowledged, it was often because of a group of barely-human sludge protested while the surviving family mourned.

Suicide rates are the highest in 15 years. (

There is no respect.

There is no relief.

There is no one standing and saying-“No more!”

Or there aren’t enough.

There are not enough of us teaching our children that you fight if you have to, you defend your life if you must, but do so with awareness. There are very few monsters among us. Only 2-3 percent of Americans have any sort of criminal record. Compensating for those who do not get caught and you are still talking fewer than 8 percent of the population.

I’m not naive. I believe in evil. I believe in punishment, and I believe that if you cross my threshold with intent to do harm, I will stop you with any means available. However, I will do so only to protect my life and the lives of the children I have been entrusted with. I would not hesitate; I would not miss…but I would not choose such a thing.

Instead of all the whining, instead of the expensive talk of more bureaucratic involvement, instead of the point-and-blame-a-sector-of-society game, why aren’t we talking about the issue? Why aren’t we addressing ways to teach and show the precious nature of each life? Why aren’t we treating those who are not capable of understanding that forgotten fact?

More accurate than a past criminal history would be an honest assessment of those who are incapable or unwilling to treat each human life as something to be guarded. No matter the reason–mental illness, religious indoctrination or simple hate–those without the capacity for compassion, comprehension and care on some level are far more dangerous to our lives than the men and women who own firearms. Just look to England-they too banned assault rifles…and violence increased with handguns.

There is a bigger problem working here. A problem of humanity. A problem we cannot ignore for much longer. The cries are getting too loud and the fury too bright to be shoved aside.

Where have we gone wrong? We’ve forgotten that every life is a gift. Every person matters, even the annoying and hateful ones. They matter because they exist. It is that simple. And we have forgotten.

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